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The Original Skateboarding Shoelace.

Whether you're new to skating, or a 20 year veteran, there's one thing we all have in common. Shoes don't last long.

You don't have to put up with this any more. Replace your ripped laces with ours and instantly feel the difference. Our Formula X material is over 30x stronger than a standard lace, so your shoes and sessions can last even longer. 

Our strongest lace in the 120cm / 47.5" length. 30x stronger than a regular lace, available in black or white.

Recommended for low to mid-top shoes with 1 - 6 eyelets.

Each pack contains 2 individual laces.

Our strongest lace in the longer

140cm / 55" length. 30x stronger than a regular lace, available in black or white.

Recommended for mid to hi-top shoes with 9 - 10 eyelets.

Each pack contains 2 individual laces.


My son discovered skateboarding last year and we can't keep him off the board now!! His shoes were getting expensive for us and always ripping the laces doing ollies and kickflips. Since we bought the lifetime ones he hasn't broken any and even put them in his next pair of shoes! 

Great Value

I’ve been skating with these laces for months and they are incredible. I used to go through a normal lace every 30-60 mins, with the formula X they lasted MONTHS - 2/3 pairs of shoes probably. Would highly recommend- great value for money!

Get & Forget

Bought 2 pairs (Black & white) for my vans classics as I didn't know which color I would prefer and figured when I broke one I'll just move to the next. Still haven't broken the white ones!! Don't need to think about ripping laces any more.

Worth The Wait

They were the only ones that would ship to the Czech Republic which took one week to arrive. I'm happy I waited as now I don't break laces any more and they last so much longer. 

Very Impressed

When I bought the laces I thought they would be a little stronger but they're still going after 4 months! I skate nearly every day and normally rip through a pair in a  couple days.

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