Lifetime Laces are the original skate shoelace.


Developed by a team of skateboarders in 2014, Lifetime Laces became the first shoelaces to surpass the strength of normal laces by over 1000% - a threshold still unbeaten by any other lace on the market to this day.


Through rigorous testing, we discovered that not only do the laces resist the griptape, but take a large amount of the abrasion away from the outsole, making your shoes last longer too.


Don't believe us? Watch our testing video, or read some of our customer's testimonials

Lifetime laces strong shoelaces


Are they unbreakable? 

No, nothing in the world is. Even bank vaults can break! What we can promise is that they are at least 10x the strength of normal laces (Formula X 20x to 30x), but often more. So if a normal pair of laces lasts you 10 hours, Lifetime Laces will last 100+. 

What are they made from?

Some top secret stuff! Our tested blend of high strength fibres, selected for their individual properties - all woven together to form the strongest lace in the world. 

Where do you ship to? 

Anywhere in the world, select your country from the drop down menu at the checkout.

Do you offer refunds? 

Yes, if the product is returned in unused, resalable condition. We will check that this is correct and if it is, you will receive a full refund.

How can I get on the team? 

With some pretty sweet moves. If you think you can add something to our great team, send us a message on the contact form below. 

Outlast Your Shoes

Regular Cotton Lace

Skated for 1 Day

Lifetime Formula X Lace

Skated for 2 Months



"I ordered a pair of your original laces probably about two years ago now, STILL going strong and they have been through 'x' amounts of shoes without giving way."

- Ollie Whittaker - Tingnes, France.

"I've been skating my matchcourts for 2 months with these laces. Quality product"

- Patrick Molloy - UK

"Mine lasted through 4 pairs of skate shoes before they snapped!"

- Dan Lacey - Bristol, UK

"I ordered some of your laces (thanks for the extra stickers btw), put 'em to the test and they are f*ckin awesome, we love them!"

- Micheal Jentzsch - Vienna, Austria


Think your experience with our laces is better? Let us know on the contact form below and we will post it up here! 



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Phil Batchelor
Alex Griffiths
Conor Mannion
Moose Tarry
Myles Cantello


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